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I have to admit, I watched these when I bought them on VHS. After reviewing the contents, it is time to refresh my memory and take another look at this great primer of card magic from one of magic's best card handlers.
Allan Ackerman is one of the world's foremost experts at sleight-of-hand magic with playing cards. On this incredible multi-volume series of videos you will be treated to an instructional course encompassing elementary sleight-of- hand all the way up through advanced card work. Allan Ackerman's Advanced Card Control Series tackles one major component of card magic on each volume, and instead of teaching you an endless encyclopedia of moves, Allan has selected what he considers to be the most practical and deceptive methods for each sleight.

After guiding you step-by-step through the various sleights, Allan also teaches you a number of professional card routines so you can apply what you have learned - audience-tested foolers that have earned him a worldwide reputation as The Las Vegas Card Expert. Magic can be a lifetime hobby and card magic is considered to be the poetry of prestidigitation. So grab a deck of cards, sit back and let Allan Ackerman's succinct, laid-back teaching style guide you through the joys of professional card magic! You'll be fooling your friends and family in no time at all!

Volume One - Palming

Sleights and Moves:

Palms & Theory
Magician's Full Palm
Gambler's Flat Palm
Tenkai Palm
Gambler's Cop
Clip Steal
Holding Out
Palming Tips
Palm Transfers
Vernon Top Palm
Multiple Top Palm
Berg Palm
One-Handed Top Palm
Master Move Shuffle Palm
Covering Angles
Slydini Fan Steal
Cornelius Fan Steal
Gamblers Cop from Shuffle
Gamblers Cop-Holding Out & Replacing
Gamblers Cop from Tilt
Standard Gambler's Cop
Gen Palm
Marlo Bottom Palm
Cut Bottom Palm
Spread Bottom Palm
A.B. Bottom Palm
Swing Cut Bottom Palm
Side Steal to Palm
Side Steal to Top
Bluff Control
Side Steal to Bottom
Side Steal to Tenkai
Benzais Cop
Clip Steal
Movie Control
Multiple Tenkai Steal
Tabled Palm/Rise, Rise, Rise
Nickle Color Change
Turnover Palm Replacement
Marlo's Tenkai Replacement
Tenkai Fan Replacement
Scoop Replacement
Vernon Tenkai Replacement


Marlo's Repeater Card to Pocket
Cards Across
Benzais Oil & Water
An Ace Assembly
Card Under Drink
Card in Wallet
Maestro's Poker Deal

Volume Two - False Deals

Sleights and Moves:

Strike Second Deal
How to Practice
Push-Off Second Deal
Push-Off Variation
Push-Off Second as a Change
One-Handed Second Deal
Stud Second Deal
Mechanical Second
The Get-Ready
Second Deal Count
Unit Second Deal
Heirophant Change
Cornelius Variation
Movie Second
Push-Off Bottom Deal
Strike Bottom Deal
Bottom Deal Force
Bottom Deal Switch
One-Handed Bottom Deal
Bottom Deal Change
PIP Bottom Deal
Havana Deal
Minus One Bottom Deal
Fake Center Deal
Bottom Deal Count
Open Double Deal
One-Handed Open
Double Deal
Strike Center Deal
Push-Off Center Deal
PIP Center Deal
Tops, Seconds, Centers, Bottoms
Center Deal Change
One-Handed Center Deal
Side Glide
Double Deal
Quick Three-Way


Three-Sided Card
Mayhew Poker Deal
Mechanical Ace Revelation
Any One From Anywhere
Next Stop, Havana
Stop Aces
The Order of Merlin
Charlie Miller's Stop Trick
No-Throw Monte
Downers & Uppers

Volume Three - The Controls

Sleights and Moves:

Little Finger Break
Spectator Peek
After the Break
The Marlo Break
Klause Breakout Display
Controlling to Top or Bottom
Kick Count
Maintaining a Fan Break
All-Around Square-Up Glimpse
Book Break Glimpse
Fan Glimpse
Draun's Fan Glimpse
Kick Count to Crimp
Automatic Jog
Dribbling Keeping a Jog
Fan Jog
Overhand Shuffle Control
Slip Shuffle
Fingertip Control
Fingertip Control Force
Convincing Control
Ackerman Convincing Control
Simon/England Convincing Control
Hofzinser Card Control
Hofzinser Control to Top
Hofzinzer Force
Hofzinser Switch
Ackerman Varies Kelly
Mock Pass
Bluff Pass
Vernon Pass
Draun's Midnight Shift
Turnover Pass
Christ Twist
Mechanical Reverse
Vernon Key Card Replacement
Marlo Key Card Replacement
D'Amico Multiple Shift
Marlo Multiple Shift
Overhand Shuffle Shift
Stip-Out Multiple Shift to Top/Bottom


Don't Think Out Loud
Think of a Card
Professional Ace Cutting

Volume Four - Fluorishes, Lifts & Changes

Sleights and Moves:

The Thumb Fan
Pressure Fans
One-Handed Fans
One-Handed Overhand Shuffle
On-Handed Faro Shuffle
Charlier (One-Handed) Cut
The Kosy Cut
Charlier Cut with a Somersault
Erdnase One-Handed Cut
The Distinction Between a Change and a Switch
The Slap Change
The Color Change
Hit Double Lift
Push-Off Double Lift
Outjog Subtlety
Another Two-Card Push-Off
The Vernon Push-Off
A Little Noise
Spooky Altman Trap
D'Amico Spread
Spooky Bro. Altman
Multiple Turnovers
The Pinky Count
The Square-Up Break
Obtaining A Break
The Pop-Over Lift
Marlo's Throw Double
Schwarzman's Long Toss
The Double Double Toss
The Wipe Change
The Throw Change
The Hartman Change
The Beam Change
Tabled Snap Change
The Miracle Change
Spread Change Revelation
The Rubberband Card
Back Rise
Benzais Spin-Out
Piet Forton's Pop-Out Move
Faro Block Transfer


Instant Ace Revelation
Blank Thought Deck
Ackerman's All Backs Routine
Card Through Table

Volume Five - Shuffle Works

Sleights and Moves:

G.W. Hunter False Shuffle
Erdnase False Shuffle
Strip-Out False Shuffle
Up The Ladder
Pull-Through with a Cut
The Zarrow Shuffle
The Shank Shuffle
Slip Shod
Vernon's Two-Shuffle Concept
The Sideways Shank Shuffle
Controlling the Top Stock
Controlling the Bottom Stock
Ireland's Red/Black Shuffle
Downs' Red/Black Shuffle
Double Undercut to Top
Double Undercut to Bottom
Top Block Transfer
Bottom Block Transfer
Tabled Fake Cut
Stover Fake Cut
Ose Fake Cut
Triple Fake Cut
Fake Double Swing Cut
Fake Triple Swing Cut
Tabled Slip Cut
Off-The-Bottom Strip Fake Cut
Klause Overhand False Shuffle


D'Amico Revelation
Freeman/Kosy Ace Production
Double Ace Production
MGM Revelation
Riffle Shuffle Stack
Color-Changing Poker Deal
Cutting to Aces & Kings
Vernon's Triumph

Volume Six - The Faro Shuffle

Sleights and Moves:

In-The-Hands Faro Technique
Cutting At 26
Adjusting the Cut
In-Faros vs. Out-Faros
Fine Points of the Faro Shuffle
Re-Squaring the Packets
In Case of a Miss
Rock & Re-Weave
The Faro Shuffle as a
Real Shuffle
Further Fine Faro Points
The Fourth Finger Table
Key Cards
The Tabled Faro
The Faro Check
Stacking with the Faro Shuffle
Combining Faro & Riffle
The Ten-Card Poker Stack
The Stay Stack
Incomplete Faro Control
Incomplete Faro with a Jog
Automatic Placement Control
Si Stebbins
Any Card at Any Number
Faro Mental Displacement
Getting Packets the Same Size
The Faro Divider
The Reverse Faro
The Faro as a Cull
Eight Out Faros to Preserve Full Deck Order


Marlo's Spade Routine
Acrobatic Aces
The Gun
Marlo's Matching Routine
Faro Mental Displacement

Volume Seven - False Counts

Sleights and Moves:

The Elmsley Count
Counting Terminology
The X-Y-Z Count
Underground Elmsley Count
The OPEC Count
The Jordan Count
3-4-3 Count
3-5-4 Count
2-X-2 Count
2-4-4 Count
The Olram Subtlety
The OPOS Count
The Gemini Count
Rhythm Count (Jennings)
Rhythm Count (Ackerman)
Rhythm Count (Carpenter)
The Jiminy Cricket Count
The Flushtration Count
The Rumba Count
Elmsley Flushtration Count
Ireland's False Count
Carlyle's False Count
Showing Four Aces as Five
The Biddle Count
The Veeser Concept
Vanishing Cards via the Biddle
Here's Hockley
The Biddle as a Force
Minch's Biddle Force
Switch-Out Count
Discrepant Switch-Out
Marlo's Biddle Switch-Out
Using the Biddle to Count More
Using the Biddle to Count Less
The Hamman Count
The Double Deal Count


Twisting the Aces
The Twins
No-Palm Travelers
Deceptive Perception
The 10-Card Trick
The Spectator Cuts the Aces
The Ace Assembly

Volume Eight - Utility Moves

Sleights and Moves:

Fine Points of ATFUS
Fu-Fu Switch
Vernon's ATFUS
Hugard/Braue Addition
Secret Subtraction
Vernon Add-On
1-2-3-4 Switch
Quick Three-Way
D'Amico Multiple Spread
The Drop Switch
The Jennings' Add-On
Vernon Shuffle Reverse
Cervon's Cut Reverse
Braue Reversal 1
Braue Reversal 2
Ackerman's Shuffle Reverse
Propelled Lapping
Pemper Deck Switch
In-the-Pocket Switch
Bert Allerton Move
On the Up & Up
The Ultra Move
The Curry Change
Tilt & Variations
One-Handed Tilt
Schwarzman's Tilt Subtlety
The Classic Force
The Hofzinser Force


Variant's Variant
The Devilish Miracle
Easy-Off Pips
Dunbury Delusion
Cannibal Kings
Miller's "I Can't Find The Card"

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