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TTC Video - Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition, 1st Edition

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TTC Video - Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition, 1st Edition

TTC Video - Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition, 1st Edition
.MP4, AVC, 1000 kbps, 640x480 | English, AAC, 192 kbps, 2 Ch | 57x44 mins | + PDF Guidebook | 20.9 GB
Lecturers: Darren M. Staloff, Ph. D., Michael Sugrue, Ph. D., John L. Recchiuti, Ph. D., Dennis G. Dalton, Ph.D., Robert Oden, Ph. D., Elizabeth McNamer, Ph.D., Alan Charles Kors, Ph. D., Rick Roderick, Ph.D., Drew Westen, Ph. D., S. Georgia Nugent

This course is a 57-lecture, 10 professor tour of the greatest philosophical minds of the Western tradition. The course is panoramic, extremely well taught, and swiftly becomes an irresistible immersion in the progress of the mind to understand itself and its place in the rest of being.

NOTE: This is VHSRip.

Course Lecture Titles:

01 Introduction to the Problems and Scope of Philosophy
02 Prosocratics - Ionian Speculation and Eliatic Metaphysics
03 Plato's Republic - Philosophy and Blessed Life
04 Plato's Republic - Justice and the Good Polis
05 Plato's Symposium - The Dialectic of Reason, Love and Wisdom
06 Aristotle's Metaphysical Views
07 Aristotle's Politics - The Golden Mean and Just Rule
08 Introduction to the Old Testament
09 Pondering Divine Justice - Do we Suffer For Nought
10 Paul and the New Testament
11 Marcus Aurelius' Meditations - The Stoic Ideal
12 Augustine's City of God - Grace, Original Sin, and Theodicy
13 Aquinas' Summa Theologica - The Thomis Synthesis and its Political and Social Content
14 More's Utopia - Reason and Social Justice
15 Machiavelli's The Prince - Political Realism, Political Science and the Renaissance
16 Bacon's New Organon - The Call for a New Science
17 Descartes' Epistemology and the Mind-Body Problem
18 Hobbes' Leviathan - Of Man
19 Hobbes' Leviathan - Of the Commonwealth
20 Spinoza's Ethics
21 The Newtonian Revolution
22 Locke's Epistemology
23 Locke's Political Theory
24 Montesquieu and the Beginnings of Political Science
25 Berkeley's Idealism and the Critique of Materialism
26 Hume's Epistemology
27 Hume's Theory of Morality
28 Smith's Wealth of Nations
29 Rousseau's Dissent - The Challenge to the Idea of Progress
30 Kant's Copernican Revolution - Epistemology and the Critique of Metaphysics
31 Kant's Moral Philosophy
32 Burke and the Birth of Enlightened Conservatism
33 Naturalism and Materialism - The Boundaries of the French Enlightenment
34 Hegel's Philosophy of History
35 Marx and the Problem of Alienation and Ideology
36 Marx's Historical Materialism
37 Mill on Liberty
38 Henry David Thoreau and the Escape to Freedom
39 Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the Escape from Freedom
40 Kierkegaard's Christian Existentialism
41 The Darwinian Moment - The Survival of the Fittest
42 Weber's Historical Sociology
43 Freud's Theories of Motivation and Development
44 Contemporary Psychodynamic Thinking
45 Freud and Jung on Definition and Interpretation
46 Nietzche's Critique of Christianity - The Geneaology of Morals
47 Nietzche's Perspectivalism and Critique of Philosophy
48 James' Pragmatism
49 A.J. Ayer's Language, Truth and Logic
50 The Latter Wittgenstein - The Philosophy of Language
51 The Existential Insight - Sartre and Heidegger
52 Habermas' Critical Theory
53 Kuhn's Paradigm Paradigm
54 Quine's Ontological Relativism and the End of Philosophy
55 Rorty's Neo-Pragmatism
56 Reviewing the Western Tradition
57 Conclusion - Reviewing the Western Tradition II

TTC Video - Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition, 1st Edition

TTC Video - Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition, 1st Edition

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