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MindGenius Business 2018 Portable

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MindGenius Business 2018 Portable
MindGenius Business 2018 Portable | 114.5 MB

MindGenius will transform your ideas, strategic ideas and business information into special maps that will allow disparate groups and organizations to work more quickly, efficiently and cohesively. Convenient tools that simplify the organization of collective work, information dissemination or administration, guarantee the increase of productivity of employees of your organization. The product complements the core functionality of mapping with a set of simple tools - teamwork, distribution and administration for business professionals, giving a quick grasp of its benefits across the enterprise. Helps employees and working groups to act faster and more efficiently. The program stimulates mental activity and increases the coherence of collective actions, greatly facilitates the storage and presentation of information, assessment and analysis of options, elaboration and selection of strategic decisions.
Graphic approach to record keeping, drawing up plans, effective memorization and productive creativity. It will be useful in situations in which it is necessary to study and analyze, learn and think. It sticks with MS Word, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook. Intuitive and cute. Creates "business cards" for use in enterprises, replacing them with handwritten memory cards, facilitates the planning and control of projects, offering flexible, intuitive means of communication and information exchange.

MindGenius is a classic creative version of the program for building mind-maps (pictures, pencils, letters, color lines). MindGenius is much closer to the Buesen mind-maps theory than the other well known program - MindManager. Easy-to-use training guide - allows you to learn how to work with the program, even if you have problems with English (emphasis on visibility).

Tool for visual organization of your thoughts and ideas, for systematization of your information, project management. Has an intuitive interface where you can change any part of the map in one or two clicks. Has a flexible setting of the kind of cards that are not available in similar programs. Allows you to plan and manage projects.

MindGenius is suitable for use both for business and academic purposes, can be used for project management, customer acquisition, presentations and brainstorming, problem solving.

Mindmapping (drawing of treelike maps or mental maps) has become firmly established in the life of many people with the advent of the corresponding software. Using mindmap, make technical assignments, consultants-analysts make projects, designers come up with concepts, trainers make presentations, managers make plans, etc. The tree view of data has its pluses and limitations.

A link diagram, also known as an intelligence map, an Mind map or an associative map, is a way of depicting the process of general systemic thinking using schemas. It can also be considered as a convenient alternative recording technique.

The diagram of connections is realized in the form of a tree-like scheme, which depicts words, ideas, tasks or other concepts connected by branches departing from the central concept or idea. The basis of this technique is the principle of "radiant thinking", referring to associative thought processes, the starting point or the point of application of which is the central object (the radiant is the point of the celestial sphere, from which the apparent paths of bodies with identically directed velocities, for example, meteors of one flow). This shows an infinite variety of possible associations and consequently, the inexhaustibility of the brain's capabilities. Such a way of recording allows the connection diagram to grow and supplement unlimitedly. Link diagrams are used to create, visualize, structure and classify ideas, and also as a tool for learning, organizing, solving problems, making decisions, when writing articles.

With the development of creative skills, you not only improve your ability to come up with innovative ideas, but you also, by default, improve your ability to memorize. This is due to the fact that creativity and memory are vertically identical mental processes - both of which work best when you engage in figurative perception and associative thinking.

The brain is divided into the left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere processes different mental skills, for example, the left one is responsible for the development of verbal, mathematical and analytical abilities, while the right is related to drawing, music, spatial and imaginative perception. These hemispheres are completely separate systems and are rarely used simultaneously. However, Mind-mapping involves a number of aspects of both hemispheres of the brain. With their simultaneous use, each side of the brain is parallel

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